Man in the Mirror – Satisfaction

Understanding purpose is the key to satisfaction.  When we don’t know why we are here in the first place, it is hard to set any goals in achieving significance and satisfaction. Patrick Morley lays out a good a compelling logic in chapters 5-6 about discerning and developing a purpose statement and seeking greater satisfaction in […]

Man in the Mirror – 4 – Satisfaction and Significance

Author Pat Morley makes a profound yet simple statement in chapter 4.  “Significance is not possible unless what we do contributes to the welfare of others.” However, he states that in our search for significance as men, we’ve perhaps chased personal fulfillment in that pursuit of significance. But the only way to live a life […]

Man in the Mirror – 3 – What kind of a Christian are you?

“Cultural Christian” It seems that America’s being labeled a Christian nation has often led us to believe that prosperity and Christianity go hand in hand. However, Christ never promised prosperity as a by-product of following him; at least not financial prosperity. While we can certainly prosper financially and honor God, it is quite easy as […]